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Mandatory Wellness: Health Gone Wrong

This sounds too much like the efforts of a certain city in the Northeast (famous for pizza and Yankees) to regulate soda sizes. Washington state senator Rodney Tom introduced a bill on Monday that would mandate state employees’ participation in … Continue reading

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Which Is Better: Wellness Program or Happy Employees?

I’m on record as something of a minimalist. I don’t particularly like large technological apparatuses overtaking more of our lives – even though I admit my iPad usage needs to come down. I don’t like a lot of unnecessary oversight … Continue reading

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Are You Sitting Down For This? Then Stand Up

I stumbled onto a neat infographic yesterday that (once again) raises the issue of sitting. We sit so much in this country that it’s helped spur myriad health problems and health care challenges. While some workplaces are friendly to those … Continue reading

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Things That Drive Your Company’s Bottom Line Crazy

This morning, an interesting little article from Delos Cosgrove of the Cleveland Clinic appeared on the LinkedIn Healthcare home page. Titled “Things That Drive Your Doctor Crazy,” the four items that drive doctors to the drink are: Failing to take … Continue reading

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Employee Health’s “Scarlet Letter”

Here’s an excellent piece by Jack Bruce on how a company needs to maintain vigilance of its wellness programs, and to make sure that everyone is being constructively included. How to Avoid the Scarlet Letter in Your Employee Wellness Program. … Continue reading

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Paper Wad Basketball For Employee Wellbeing? You Betcha

Quick: name the most classic, well-recognized methods of killing time at the office. (Think of what people did before the Internet explosion.) What’d they do? What’d you do? Naturally, there was chatting with coworkers, but that often was done as long … Continue reading

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Stop Measuring Everything!

Before you jump down my throat, pointing out my words elsewhere that praise thorough data collection and analysis, let me ‘splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up. When I taught physics labs, the first class of the … Continue reading

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Employer Mandate Delayed Until 2015

Yesterday, the Treasury Department announced that employers will not be penalized for not offering health insurance… until 2015, that is. Apparently, there were so many difficulties popping up for employers compliance-wise that it would’ve been silly to go forward with … Continue reading

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Recruit Unhealthy People For Your Wellness Team

Take a moment and think about all the bosses you’ve ever had. Who were the good ones? the bad ones? What did they do to cement themselves as good or bad in your mind? Perhaps, like Mark Zuckerberg, they sat … Continue reading

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A Sweet Start to a Wellness Program

My first job was at a Dairy Queen. I worked there for two summers and a winter – we were one of the stores with an indoor eating area and drive-through. Looking back, I ate way too much ice cream, … Continue reading

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