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Mandatory Wellness: Health Gone Wrong

This sounds too much like the efforts of a certain city in the Northeast (famous for pizza and Yankees) to regulate soda sizes. Washington state senator Rodney Tom introduced a bill on Monday that would mandate state employees’ participation in … Continue reading

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Paper Wad Basketball For Employee Wellbeing? You Betcha

Quick: name the most classic, well-recognized methods of killing time at the office. (Think of what people did before the Internet explosion.) What’d they do? What’d you do? Naturally, there was chatting with coworkers, but that often was done as long … Continue reading

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Recruit Unhealthy People For Your Wellness Team

Take a moment and think about all the bosses you’ve ever had. Who were the good ones? the bad ones? What did they do to cement themselves as good or bad in your mind? Perhaps, like Mark Zuckerberg, they sat … Continue reading

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A Sweet Start to a Wellness Program

My first job was at a Dairy Queen. I worked there for two summers and a winter – we were one of the stores with an indoor eating area and drive-through. Looking back, I ate way too much ice cream, … Continue reading

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Embrace Fear, Don’t Fear It

One of my shortcomings is that way too often, I look at what I haven’t done yet. Worse still, I find myself wishing I could do all of it “right-now-or-in-the-near-future!” I haven’t: been outside the United States. found something I’m … Continue reading

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Make Your Wellness Team Hollywood-Worthy

I might be alienating half my readership right now, but I freely admit to liking the Fast and the Furious movie series… even though the physics is often laughable. The action is solid, the quotes vary from hilarious to cringe-worthy, and … Continue reading

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How Big Is Your Wellness Team?

Who is entrusted with the responsibilities of running your company’s wellness programs? If you don’t know the answer right off the top of your head, is it any surprise that your company doesn’t have at least a functioning wellness program? … Continue reading

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