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Are You Sitting Down For This? Then Stand Up

I stumbled onto a neat infographic yesterday that (once again) raises the issue of sitting. We sit so much in this country that it’s helped spur myriad health problems and health care challenges. While some workplaces are friendly to those … Continue reading

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Things That Drive Your Company’s Bottom Line Crazy

This morning, an interesting little article from Delos Cosgrove of the Cleveland Clinic appeared on the LinkedIn Healthcare home page. Titled “Things That Drive Your Doctor Crazy,” the four items that drive doctors to the drink are: Failing to take … Continue reading

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Gazelles, Lions, and Employee Health, Oh My

I’ve had enough of the story of the gazelle and the lion. I’ve had enough with the notion that “survival of the fittest” should be the main mantra of the corporate world. The ultra-Darwinian model of the workplace is utter … Continue reading

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Paper Wad Basketball For Employee Wellbeing? You Betcha

Quick: name the most classic, well-recognized methods of killing time at the office. (Think of what people did before the Internet explosion.) What’d they do? What’d you do? Naturally, there was chatting with coworkers, but that often was done as long … Continue reading

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The Easiest Well-Being Initiative Ever

I was at the grocery store Tuesday evening, minding my own business and looking at the displays of Styrofoam-backed cod fillets. A conversation at the seafood counter caused my ears to perk up. A regular customer and the guy manning … Continue reading

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Surviving the Night Shift

I worked campus security as a junior in college. My job was to walk around campus (or occasionally ride a Segway) and make sure everything didn’t devolve into utter chaos. Unfortunately, there weren’t any historical figures coming to life. It … Continue reading

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Recess Shouldn’t Be Just For Kids

Think back to primary and middle school for a minute. Gather some of your fondest memories. What are they? In my case, I know I’ll never forget the “flying dime” lunchtime incident. I’ll never forget all the days playing basketball … Continue reading

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