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Wearing Apple Each Day Keeps the Doctor Away?

LinkedIn’s front page has served up another interesting article about the health care tech market: “Is Apple Moving Into Digital Health?” According to the rules of Internet article headlines, the answer is, “Basically, yes.” Check it out: Apple is looking … Continue reading

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Can Smart Devices Dumb Down Your Team?

You’re so nervous-excited, you’re bouncing on the balls of your feet. Everything’s set up just right. You’ve prepared your notes. You know your project back to front. You’ve practiced your presentation with a few colleagues who say it’s great. You … Continue reading

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New Technology Allows Access to Health-Tracking Data

Med City News posted an article yesterday discussing Aetna’s new smartphone app. The premise behind these applications is that health care companies can more easily monitor individuals and encourage healthier behaviors. These types of apps can integrate with other fitness … Continue reading

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The Wellness Games

A recent trend in corporate wellness programs, aided by the tech startup industry, has been the explosion of wellness program “games”. Companies like KeasĀ and US Corporate Wellness have had great success with their wellness program implementations. The question is whether … Continue reading

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