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Mandatory Wellness: Health Gone Wrong

This sounds too much like the efforts of a certain city in the Northeast (famous for pizza and Yankees) to regulate soda sizes. Washington state senator Rodney Tom introduced a bill on Monday that would mandate state employees’ participation in … Continue reading

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Are You Sitting Down For This? Then Stand Up

I stumbled onto a neat infographic yesterday that (once again) raises the issue of sitting. We sit so much in this country that it’s helped spur myriad health problems and health care challenges. While some workplaces are friendly to those … Continue reading

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Recruit Unhealthy People For Your Wellness Team

Take a moment and think about all the bosses you’ve ever had. Who were the good ones? the bad ones? What did they do to cement themselves as good or bad in your mind? Perhaps, like Mark Zuckerberg, they sat … Continue reading

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Recess Shouldn’t Be Just For Kids

Think back to primary and middle school for a minute. Gather some of your fondest memories. What are they? In my case, I know I’ll never forget the “flying dime” lunchtime incident. I’ll never forget all the days playing basketball … Continue reading

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“I’m Too Busy”: What to Do About Time Crunch At Work

It’s a popular refrain for those who reject the prospect of exercising regularly, or taking the time to home-cook meals on most days of the week. It’s also probably true. For many employees, the work day goes far beyond the … Continue reading

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Government Releases Final Regulations on Wellness Programs

The Office of the Federal Register has just released its final regulations on corporate wellness programs. They go into effect for all group health plans, all group health insurance issuers, and all individual health insurance plan issuers, at the start … Continue reading

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RAND Report Discussion Part 2

Yesterday’s discussion centered on the Reuters article that stated that workplace wellness programs don’t help a business’ bottom line. There were a few elements that irked me, especially the fact that the headline doesn’t coincide with the realities exposed in … Continue reading

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