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Are You Sitting Down For This? Then Stand Up

I stumbled onto a neat infographic yesterday that (once again) raises the issue of sitting. We sit so much in this country that it’s helped spur myriad health problems and health care challenges. While some workplaces are friendly to those … Continue reading

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Surviving the Night Shift

I worked campus security as a junior in college. My job was to walk around campus (or occasionally ride a Segway) and make sure everything didn’t devolve into utter chaos. Unfortunately, there weren’t any historical figures coming to life. It … Continue reading

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Employees and Their Families: A Trickle-Down Effect

A new study has added some more evidence to the generally accepted principle that parenting and home environment have a significant impact on the diet and exercise habits of children.¬†Unfortunately, the study did not provide much variety in their test … Continue reading

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