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Mandatory Wellness: Health Gone Wrong

This sounds too much like the efforts of a certain city in the Northeast (famous for pizza and Yankees) to regulate soda sizes. Washington state senator Rodney Tom introduced a bill on Monday that would mandate state employees’ participation in … Continue reading

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Can Smart Devices Dumb Down Your Team?

You’re so nervous-excited, you’re bouncing on the balls of your feet. Everything’s set up just right. You’ve prepared your notes. You know your project back to front. You’ve practiced your presentation with a few colleagues who say it’s great. You … Continue reading

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Don’t Sleep on Sleep

In 2011-2012, I had a website directed at college students. It focused on health, nutrition, fitness, and their applications toward succeeding academically, socially, health-wise, and budget-wise. I was fortunate enough to be contacted by a group that had produced an … Continue reading

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“I’m Too Busy”: What to Do About Time Crunch At Work

It’s a popular refrain for those who reject the prospect of exercising regularly, or taking the time to home-cook meals on most days of the week. It’s also probably true. For many employees, the work day goes far beyond the … Continue reading

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Creating the 21st Century Office Environment: Standing Up

You’ve already read how current office environments stink. You know that cubicle farms and drab surroundings are soul-crushing, mind-numbing, andĀ prevent you from being active. The problem is changing the office to an environment that encourages activity, brings nature indoors, and … Continue reading

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Make Time for Wellness

A recent article in Forbes has highlighted a recent report from the Global Corporate ChallengeĀ (pdf) that indicates the time stresses employees have when working with corporate wellness programs. 86% say they don’t have the time for wellness initiatives. Yet, many … Continue reading

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The Modern Workplace Environment Sucks

My mom was once employed by a church. The office areas of this church were outfitted in a distinctly corporate fashion. Dull grey cubicle walls, grey desks, black chairs, the usual “not quite grey but not quite tan” filing cabinets, … Continue reading

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