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Mandatory Wellness: Health Gone Wrong

This sounds too much like the efforts of a certain city in the Northeast (famous for pizza and Yankees) to regulate soda sizes. Washington state senator Rodney Tom introduced a bill on Monday that would mandate state employees’ participation in … Continue reading

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Which Is Better: Wellness Program or Happy Employees?

I’m on record as something of a minimalist. I don’t particularly like large technological apparatuses overtaking more of our lives – even though I admit my iPad usage needs to come down. I don’t like a lot of unnecessary oversight … Continue reading

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Things That Drive Your Company’s Bottom Line Crazy

This morning, an interesting little article from Delos Cosgrove of the Cleveland Clinic appeared on the LinkedIn Healthcare home page. Titled “Things That Drive Your Doctor Crazy,” the four items that drive doctors to the drink are: Failing to take … Continue reading

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Stop Measuring Everything!

Before you jump down my throat, pointing out my words elsewhere that praise thorough data collection and analysis, let me ‘splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up. When I taught physics labs, the first class of the … Continue reading

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Representing C-Level and Sea-Level

Yesterday, you were reminded to not overlook potential wellness team members because of their health. (Of course, if you really want to overlook somebody who is a superb strategic thinker just because he could stand to lose thirty pounds, be … Continue reading

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Make Your Wellness Team Hollywood-Worthy

I might be alienating half my readership right now, but I freely admit to liking the¬†Fast and the Furious movie series… even though the physics is often laughable. The action is solid, the quotes vary from hilarious to cringe-worthy, and … Continue reading

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Government Wellness Regulations: Costs

We’ve handled the government’s wellness program¬†regulations themselves. We’ve discussed the potential impacts. We’ve even gone over some examples of legal and illegal wellness programs under the new rules. So what’s left? When I discussed the examples of wellness programs in … Continue reading

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